On our horizon, there is a new R&D five-year term project of $17 million called Proleval – for PROtein crops, oilseeds (oLEagineux in French) and livestock VALorization. Its aim is to develop in France a protein chain (flax, peas, hemp...) susceptible to substitute soybean meal imports used in feed for pigs, cattle and poultry. 

This project represents notably a working process on:

  • Selection and cultivation of those plant species adapted for the territories,
  • Designing of innovative seed treatments to make them more digestible and assimilative,
  • Monitoring equipment setting up,
  • Formulations adapted for optimized use in the farm animals nutrition.

It also aims, through the food chain, to improve the human diet. This project aims to bring out another French breeding model so as it could become an export market of high quality animal product for French agriculture and food, but also products and services related to this new breeding with technology, seeds and grains.  

Each year, France imports 3,5 million tons of soybean meal whose prices are soaring facing a global increasingly growing demand. Proleval, funded at 8 million of euros by the Future Investments Program, aims to create a new sector of production and processing. Participation of the associated partners of this project (Terrena, Dijon Céréals) will encourage farmers to engage in this new industry. 

For its part, Valorex has just invested 2,5 million of euros in its mill in Combourtillé to transform protein crops. The production capacity of a new line is up to 50 000 tons per year. But we must firstly test animal feed digestibility, it is the collaborative work with the National Institute of Agronomic Research. The first results will show up soon. Valorex will also adjust the cooking process to arrive to its competitive rates.